Milk – A1 or A2 ??

Everyday morning we send our child to school after giving one glass of warm MILK. We think that our son/daughter has taken something nutritious and we feel happy. We all want ours and our children health to be in the pink.

The point which I am going to mention here, even I was not aware of this research work till Jan, 2019 end.

Have you ever thought, what kind of milk A2 or A1, you have been giving to your child??


Answer is either yes or No. in any case please read the books, related articles and watch the videos mentioned below thoroughly, because YOUR CHILD’s current and future health is lot dependent on the same MILK.

This blog is a compilation of different resources from web.

There are research done on A2 or A1 milk by Keith Woodford. He has written a revolutionary book on the same “Devil in the Milk”

Certain important points from the book about milk.

1) Cow milk on an average contains 87-88 per cent water and 12 to 13 per cent solids that include lactose (4.8%), fat (3.9%), protein (3.2%) and minerals (0.7%).

2) Milk contains two major groups of proteins — Caseins and whey proteins. A2 milk contains the A2 type of beta-casein protein whereas A1 milk contains A1 type of beta casein. A1 protein is a natural mutation (mainly in American and European breed of cows) of A2 which occurred over 1,000 years ago and on its digestion, A1 protein produces beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). Before that there use to be only A2 milk giving Cows on earth. Native Asian and African cows are A2 milk giving cows.

3) There have been reports implicating A1 protein/BCM-7 in negative health effects like

Ischaemic heart disease,

Type 1 diabetes,


inflammatory response and

digestive discomfort etc,

4) Readers of the book ‘Devil in the Milk’ will know that BCM7 is the devil that author wrote about. Readers will also know that BCM7 is an opioid, hence the name ‘casomorphin’, whose effects include reduced respiration rates in young animals. In the book, drawing on more than 100 scientific papers, Author laid out the evidence linking BCM7 to Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, symptoms of autism, and various other auto immune conditions.

5) Pictorial of B-Casein in A2 and A1 milk. These are beads of 209 Amino Acids joined together.

A2 B Casein – Proline (67th bead) has very high affinity with its neighbor and does not break (as shown below)

A1 B Casein – Histidine (67th bead) has weak bonding with its neighbor, allows to break easily to form BCM7 (as shown below)

Interview of Keith Woodford (devil in the milk)

Professor Keith Woodford – FAB on youtube (tv1 closeup) – Youtube video Conference, 21 March, London -Youtube video

These are very informative Youtube videos based on the book “Devil in the Milk” by Sean Croxton

Another one informative video in Hindi again a summary of “Devil in the Milk” book

An important website on Milk

A2 milk is medicine, do give best foundation of Healthy Life to your children.

Google FORMIf you are looking for the A2 milk, then please fill the google form for showing your interest.

Whatsapp Group : Sudh Desi – A2 Milk

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Book on amazon.

Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk by Keith Woodford

Another book “Dont Drink A1 Milk” by Brent G Bateman

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