Food Item Adulteration

Adulteration in food item is a concerning issue. There are many articles highlighting the side effects.

There are many reasons for adulteration


1. meet the high demand by increasing the quantity

2. Cheaper and beautiful.

News about adulterations

Karnataka TV 9 – Tea Powder –

TV 5 – Tea Powder –

General Adulterants:

1. Chilli Powder – Starch, red colour etc

2. Tea Powder – Tree bark, colour.

3. Turmeric Power – Starch, colour, Lead Chromate (this is used for keeping the dried turmeric finger life longer)

4. Honey – Suger, Jaggery, water

5. Milk – Soap, Urea, Starch

6. Ghee – Tin Oil, Vanaspati, Animal Fat.

7. Rock Salt – small stones particles and colour.

Online article –

Note : Colour is cancerous

Please read an article.

2) Adulteration Check in Tea Powder.

Take a clear glass cup filled with water. Drop pinch of Tea powder. If while going down the powder starts releasing color that means, it has color added.

1st test how to identify pure red Chilli sample – Clear Glass water test

2nd test how to identify pure milk sample – Iodine test (Original milk will become Yellow, adulterated milk would become blackish in color.

3rd test how to identify pure turmeric sample – Suphuric Acid test

4th test how to check purity of honey at home – Burn test

5th test how to identify pure khoya sample – Iodine Test.

6th test how to identify black pepper – Papaya seed mixed with black pepper

3) Food Adulteration experiment Dashmesh Public School, Ambala City

4) Rock Salt Adulteration check

Some of branded Rock Salt available in Bangalore Mart are adulterated. Please check before using it.

Food Adulteration Act – It has to be made so strong that it scares death out of the person who may think about doing this. Developed countries have very strict laws for this, and India should have also.

Food adulteration is killing our people, making them sick/disable. Some news

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